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Welcome to River City Lawn & Landscaping.

Over the years, we have proudly served Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas with top-notch landscaping services. We are your locally owned and managed landscaping maintenance specialists.

Our hardworking and friendly personnel are all from the local communities. We are always prepared to serve our clients with the most efficient, high-quality, and professional services they have expected from us.

Our uniform look, knowledgeable employees, and consistent customer service contributed to our commitment to enhancing the landscaping business. We attempt to prove to each customer that we are proud of the landscaping services we offer and that our valued clients are at the center of all we do. River City Lawn & Landscaping is your first pick for everything Landscaping. 

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Affordable Lawn Care Professionals and Landscape Services.

We can assist you with lawn care services, landscaping, sprinkler systems, water features, landscape lighting, stone works, and more.

Our highly qualified landscapers are local to the area, so we understand the correct and efficient landscaping and grass maintenance that Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas need.

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Beautifully managed Landscaping, from lush grass and luxuriant flowers to well-designed stone and hardscaping fixtures, maybe the perfect complement to a gorgeous house or business. River City Lawn & Landscaping knows this better than anyone else. We provide a comprehensive range of Landscaping services in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. Please let us know if you have a requirement that isn’t listed. 

River City Lawn & Landscaping can handle all of your landscape installation needs. Whether you want to install new rock, plants, or a feature that requires water or power, no installation project is too big or too little.

Dirt work

If you want to build a new house or clear land for a new project, River City Lawn & Landscaping is here to assist! 

We specialize in the dirt works at River City Lawn & Landscaping, and we are one of the most trusted companies in Bismarck, Mandana, Lincoln, and the surrounding communities for dirt works. 

Our team members will thoroughly assess your site and then consult with you to choose a dirt work procedure that is ideal for you. River City Lawn & Landscaping offers the skills, equipment, and experience to give you and your family the home dirt work services you need. 

You can count on us to get any dirt work job done well.

We understand how important your house and property are to you. Please contact us immediately if you need someone to securely dig your property in preparation for new development or another project. 

We’ve got your back!

Grass Seeding

The first step toward a lush, green lawn is to seed it. When it comes to sowing grass seed for a new lawn, River City Lawn & Landscaping is your local expert. Simply call the specialists for lawn seeding services in the spring, summer, and fall. We also provide expert lawn overseeding as part of our lawn management packages. Overseeding your property fills up barren places, resulting in thick, healthy turf that withstands foot traffic, preserves moisture, and looks beautiful!


Let’s think beyond the box. We have a certified and experienced crew who have years of experience in rock works. These materials can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per square foot. Our competent team has a vast experience in rock works, such as curved stairs, patios, building rock walls and more to satisfy your landscape pavement or landscape demands.

Choose from various colors, patterns, and textures to enhance your project’s aesthetic.

Plants/ Tree

Homeowners and businesses can rely on Tree Works for expert tree care services in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and run tree service that serves residential and commercial clients. We provide professional tree services such as tree removal, trimming, and more. 

Call us today to discuss your tree care requirements and receive a free quotation on your next project.

River City Lawn & Landscaping delivers comprehensive, experienced landscaping services no matter what your home or commercial landscaping project requires. 

Call us or visit us online now for further information from a River City Lawn & Landscaping team member.

lawn care

A lush, vivid green grass enhances the appearance of a property and increases its curb appeal. Living in a home with a lawn entails more than simply being surrounded by gorgeous green grasses. There are several advantages to having a well-kept lawn.

Get the best local lawn care service right now!  

Allow us to assist you in bringing new life to your property! Contact us for a FREE quote on lawn care and other maintenance services. You will not be sorry if you choose to work with us.

Lawn care maintenance

Without appropriate management, your prized lawn can rapidly turn into a source of pain for you. However, this does not have to be the case! Your lawn will receive the most excellent care from River City Lawn & Landscaping. We are here to provide your lawn with the attention and care that your hectic schedule may not allow!


We provide any lawn management service you may require with the assistance of our lawn professionals. Our company strives to be excellent in whatever we do. We are also professional and adhere to a strict schedule to provide you with the most excellent service experience possible! Check out our extensive array of lawn care services!

If you are in need of any lawn services in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas,  we are here to provide you with the best lawn care services! Call Immediately!

Fertilizer & weed control

Lawn care is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Some individuals adore lawns but struggle to keep them in good condition. 

That is because there is so much that goes into it. Mowing, cutting, pruning, and cleaning waste is standard maintenance techniques. Growing a bright and healthy grass, on the other hand, takes more than just mowing and pruning. Fertilization and weed control are other important aspects of growing a nice lawn. We provide a comprehensive range of lawn management services, including weed control and fertilizer application, to maintain your grass healthily, strong, and lush. We personalize our services to your lawn’s specific requirements.

Why choose us? 

Professionals who have experience applying fertilizers to lawns are ideal people to call if you need lawn fertilizers or weed control. We provide fertilizer and weed control services at River City Lawn & Landscaping. 

We offer fertilizer according to your lawn’s specific requirements. To provide you with the most satisfactory service, our lawn professionals will inspect your lawn and detect any deficiencies, insect, disease, or weed concerns, as well as the climate conditions in your location. Whether you’re just starting a lawn or have had one for a while, we’ll offer your grass the long-term results you’re looking for in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areasCall Immediately!

Snow Removal

snow removal

We recognize how vital safety is for residential and business clients during the winter season. We provide snow removal services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Our snow removal service is offered throughout the Bismarck, Mandan and Lincoln. We provide the following services as a snow removal company. 

River City Lawn & Landscaping is the top snow removal company. We provide our hassle-free and top-notch snow removal services to our valuable clients.

With years of experience in snow removal services, you can count on us to get the job done right and quickly without putting the surrounding area in danger. We are equipped with all the state-of-the-art tools to make your snow removal project a success.

Considering the requirement for the task and the adaptability of your budget, our snow removal experts will remove snow from all your residential and commercial properties.

Keeping Hospitals, Schools, and Churches Snow-Free in Winters

Driving and walking are challenging in the winter, especially for elders, children, and persons with impairments. With our snow removal services, we’ll help you maintain the sidewalks and pathways surrounding your retail business, school, or condominium clear of snow and ice. 

We are always open for business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Do you have experience in snow removal and want to make a difference in your town this winter? Assist us in providing high-quality snow removal services. We’re always on the lookout for fresh faces to join our team!


Paver Patio Installation

Your backyard may be transformed into a gorgeous retreat anytime you need it with an outdoor patio! It may also be a fantastic spot to remember entertaining visitors and family gatherings, as well as quiet days spent with the children.

However, there are many innovative and fascinating patio building alternatives to consider while selecting a patio. 

River City Lawn & Landscaping strives to deliver the most excellent quality patio or paver installation service to homes in Bismarck, Mandana, Lincoln, and the surrounding communities. Our pricing is comparable with anybody in the business, and our service quality and dedication to client satisfaction are genuinely unparalleled.

We have been in the business for a long, providing numerous fresh and fascinating patio design options. 

Our patio installation personnel strictly adhere to all safety regulations to ensure no mishaps or mistakes that might endanger your property or our workers. 

When you engage with River City Lawn & Landscaping, you can be confident that your project is in capable hands. We are devoted to being on time, engaging with our clients frequently, and cleaning up after ourselves. 

To see what hundreds of pleased customers have to say, click here.

Call us today to know more about our patio services. Don’t worry!

Whatever style or design of the patio you pick, it is critical to have a patio installer you can rely on for your patio construction job. For years, River City Lawn & Landscaping has provided these and other landscaping services.

Sprinkler System

Sprinkler System

For years, River City Lawn & Landscaping has led the irrigation business with the highest standards of design and service. Our Irrigation team is committed to providing excellent customer service every time.  Taking care of the details is an integral part of providing our residential and business customers. This involves ensuring that we have all of the necessary credentials and licenses to comply with the varied legislation in each town. 

Irrigation systems are one of the finest home investments you can make. They offer you a healthy and attractive landscape, save you money, and free up your time to do things you like. You can rely on River City Lawn & Landscaping to install your irrigation system.

Are you looking for a quick summer getaway? Are you concerned about who will water the lawn? No worries; once configured, your irrigation system will operate itself. Your lawn and garden areas will be given the care they require to withstand the scorching summer weather at the appointed time.

Why should you use River City Lawn & Landscaping to install your irrigation system?

River City Lawn & Landscaping is a company that has a record of building quality irrigation systems for the residents of Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas for years. In most cases, our staff can give you an installation quote in just a couple days.

Reputable companies make the sprinklers we utilize. They have a pop-up design that allows them to retract into the ground (and out of sight) when not in use. The system is completely automated and includes a multi-function timer.


retaining wall

Retaining walls are some fantastic additions many different locations when designing your landscape. They can be created in a variety of forms and sizes and a variety of materials.

The most fundamental aspect of a retaining wall is frequently used to separate a yard from a path or roadway. These retaining walls can be created in various ways, including a basic straight concrete stoop or more artistic cascading stairs or brick walls. 

Another reason to build retaining walls is to separate your garden into distinct areas and give it a more organized appearance. You can have an ascending array of particular plant plots or a descending collection of different plant plots.

You can have an ascending array of various plant plots, or you can use lower stone or brick to create the type of layout you want in your own space. When building a retaining wall, there are several materials to consider. 

You could like the appearance of stone or brick, both of which are available in several sizes. Even boulders may be utilized to create a natural-looking border around your yard. Mixing various materials is also an excellent approach to give your yard a distinctly modern appearance.

If you’d like to begin the process, please call River City Lawn & Landscaping or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually the same day).

We can then schedule a visit from one of our landscaping specialists to survey your property, take precise measurements, answer any concerns you may have regarding retaining walls, and give you a competitive price to build your new retaining wall.

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what they say

Bob BrowerBob Brower
13:45 28 Sep 21
River City did the landscaping at our new home which included topsoil, grading, concrete edging, rock, and hydroseeding. Corey worked with us on a delayed schedule, and the crew did a great job of completing the project. Would recommend for sure!
Amanda GrosgebauerAmanda Grosgebauer
16:40 13 Sep 21
Robert PeleschakRobert Peleschak
16:54 10 Sep 21
Contracted Rivercity to place in parking pad along side of garage and landscape around the house. Excellent service. All requirements I asked for were met. Very professional team that even added there own creative flare to the project which we really appreciated. Also appreciated that they cleaned up at the end of each day until project was completed. Would definitely hire them again.
Joshua EntzelJoshua Entzel
21:25 09 Sep 21
Rivercitys crew has been great to work with the last 2 years they have been doing spraying for me. Corey comes out before hand and assesses the ground and listens to our input then alters the spraying to our specific needs. I highly recommend them.
Tyler FittererTyler Fitterer
20:47 07 Sep 21

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