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We understand that a lawn fertilization and weed control program that works in one neighborhood may not work in another.

As a result, we personalize our fertilizer and weed control services to your area’s environment and growing circumstances. We also realize that various people have varied lawn care preferences.

That is why we provide lawn care program alternatives.  At River City Lawn & Landscaping, we follow science every step of the process. 

In the care and maintenance of your property, we exclusively use research-proven remedies and cutting-edge industrial procedures because it is the reliable path to a lush, green, and long-lasting lawn. Our lawn professionals are well qualified to provide River City Lawn & Landscaping lawn maintenance. They know what they’re doing, and they like it.


Why Should You Use River City Lawn & Landscaping Lawn Care? 

We provide you with the outcomes you want. We’re the go-to company for homeowners and property managers that want a beautiful, healthy lawn. Our licensed experts have the technical and scientific knowledge to develop and maintain healthy grass plants on your lawn – the only sure method to a healthy, thick, bright turf.

When we say tailored lawn care, we mean it. Unlike other lawn care businesses that utilize one-size-fits-all treatments, our experts determine how to treat your grass best since they’ve taken the time to get to know it. 

They tailor their tactics and products to the unique needs of your grass plants, the soil in which they grow, and any other characteristics of your land that may have an influence.

River City Lawn & Landscaping takes an ecologically conscious approach to lawn care. 

We thoroughly examine each product we utilize to verify its efficacy and safety. When we treat weeds and other issues, our professionals use a focused, spot-treatment technique – employing River City Lawn & Landscaping’s custom-designed trucks – to ensure that treatments are delivered where they are required.

Additional Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Damaging Disease Management:
River City Lawn & Landscaping’s disease control services assist in safeguarding and maintaining your lawn’s health from the roots up.
Dethatching/Power raking 
We welcome you to call River City Lawn & Landscaping if you want to get rid of unpleasant thatch on your lawn. For a good cause, we’ve established ourselves as area landscape leaders throughout the years. 
We like what we do and do it well. We’ll get the job done whether we use a power rake or the old-fashioned approach of dethatching.
Aeration of the Core
Core aeration opens up your lawn by enabling more air, water, and nutrients to reach the areas where they are most needed, resulting in a greener, healthier lawn.
Weed Control & Lawn Fertilization
River City Lawn & Landscaping’s popular lawn service is lawn fertilizer and weed control, sometimes known as “weed and feed,” resulting in fewer weeds and thicker, greener grass.
We are available in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

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lawn care maintenace

Our objective is to deliver the most excellent organic lawn care and organic-based lawn management and educate people about the necessity of ecologically friendly lawn care procedures that do not rely on unneeded or irresponsible pesticide use.  The truth is that every lawn has different demands, and there is no one-size-fits-all method for good lawn maintenance. Because many providers do not address the unique needs of each property, they frequently prescribe unnecessary or duplicate treatments, resulting in more significant expenses and harmful environmental practices. 

We have decades of knowledge and tried-and-true ways for naturally combating weeds, pests, and fundamental lawn nutrition issues. 

Offers a variety of organic lawn care maintenance and organic-based fertilizers based on what your grass needs to grow fuller and firmer. Learn more about our eco-friendly services below to learn how you may take an organic approach to lawn care.

Our Grounds Maintenance Services
To provide a finished look and limit the number of weeds throughout the season, we trim the shrubs in your flower beds at suggested times during the planting season, feed the plants, edge the beds, eliminate weeds, and put premium bark mulch.
Installation of a Landscape
Weekly lawn maintenance includes mowing, trimming hedges, and blowing off surface areas every week.
Seasonal cleanups involve the removal of leaves, sticks, and debris from beds and the grass in the spring and fall. Spring cleanups also involve raking the grass, yielding the most outstanding results before spring fertilization/weed control application and spring liming.
Because of the various weeds and pests, each lawn has its own set of issues. Our technique is safer and more effective than traditional chemical treatments since we are the acknowledged leader in ecologically conscious lawn care services.
At River City Lawn & Landscaping, we always begin with a soil test and then tailor our program to your lawn’s exact needs with our patented mixtures of natural fertilizers and controls.  We work with your entire yard environment to develop naturally healthy grass that will remain so.
Aeration of Lawns
Reduce soil compaction
  • The recycling of the movement of air, water, and nutrients to soil and grass plants.
  • Perforating the ground
Aeration is one of the most important things you can do to keep your grass healthy. Perforating the soil allows for a natural flow of air, water, and nutrients to penetrate built-up grass or lawn thatch. Aeration is also one of the most excellent organic lawn care solutions for preventing soil compaction.
Tree and Shrub Maintenance
Pruning, insect control, disease control, and fertilizing are all examples of maintenance activities. Our tree and shrub maintenance program is the most ecologically friendly way to manage your property. We may recommend natural pest control and fertilizer by utilizing our experience. 
We do not recommend any needless remedies if your property does not require them.

Fertilizing and weed control

If you are having trouble developing your grass, you could have a fertilization issue. Or maybe you’ve got too many weeds choking the roots of your grass that want to be killed for the grass to grow and thrive. Our crew of landscapers understands the quality fertilizers to use for the grass that works high-quality in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

If you are having trouble with weeds and can’t remove them, then the landscapers at River City Lawn & Landscaping can do that for you. 

Our landscapers are licensed to use professional-grade weed killers to get the job carried out. That is why we guarantee our work. We want your real pride, so we provide complete assurance of our services.

Lawn Fertilization Service
Our turf fertilization service is hands down the exceptional lawn fertilization providers. We understand the soil and vegetation of the area better than anyone, and we recognize what it takes to make the grass in your backyard develop the way that it must. 
Our expert landscaping crew can fertilize any size yard, and we can schedule a routine visit to maintain it till it’s thriving. Now, provide us a name to get a free quote and prepare your lawn fertilization carrier.
Weed Control Service
Weeds develop where you least want them to. The pesky tiny flowers are stubborn and don’t go down without fighting. River City Lawn & Landscaping brings the combat to them. 
Our group of professional landscapers cautiously becomes aware of the invading weed and treats it with the correct chemical to kill it and only it. We need to ensure that we no longer kill the grass growing in your garden, so our approach is targeted. 
Our experts can remove all kinds of weeds from you turf so that you can have a weed-free and serene turf. Get in touch to know more about our landscaping services in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

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