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Landscaping services are an essential part of our company at River City Lawn & Landscaping. 

We are a landscaping company that offers landscaping design services to residential and commercial property managers. 


We can execute the job you require and will always work within your budget, whether it is only flowers put in your garden or along your front path, some shrubs for that one location in need, or a complete wide-scale landscaping project including landscape design services.

We specialize in planting trees, shrubs, and annuals of various sizes and species native to the Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.

If your home or business needs a bit of facelift, you need to call River City Lawn & Landscaping to give your landscape an overhaul and make your own home or enterprise stand proud of the team.  We are proud to offer a massive style of landscaping services to the residents and commercial enterprise proprietors of River City Lawn & Landscaping and the encircling areas. 

We have a great group of rather-skilled contractors that assemble hardscapes, raised beds, flower beds, do stonework, and plenty more. We offer many unique landscaping services. If it has to do along with your backyard, possibilities are we can cope with the undertaking.

Here are among the landscaping offerings that we offer:

  • Dirt Work
  • Flower Planting
  • Raised Beds
  • Gravel Sidewalk Installation
  • Lawn Service
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems
  • Hardscaping
  • Stone Work
  • And a lot more!
Hard Landscaping, or hardscaping, develops raised beds, gardens, patios, decks, pavilions, partitions, keeping walls, pergolas, arbors, gravel sidewalk set up, and more. 
Our hardscape contractors are excellent within the business, and we’ve enjoyed building some of the most complicated hardscapes possible.
Soft Landscaping, or softscaping, is planting vegetation in the yard, flower beds, or gardens. This is usually the closing step within the landscaping assignment and truly makes the yard, flower mattress, or garden pop with color and style. 
Our team of professionals has a few years of operating within the Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. 
Our Maintenance Services
River City Lawn & Landscaping also offers lawn upkeep, advice, to keep your yard and beds looking stunning all year round.  We mow, edge, trim, spray for weeds, upkeep the lawn and flower beds, check out the irrigation and sprinkler structures, and more. 
We provide several services for your house or commercial property landscaping. Avail of our top-notch services by giving us a call nowadays.

dirt work

River City Lawn & Landscaping provides clean and efficient dirt work services for business and residential sites. We altogether remove all rubbish from your property and leave it in impeccable shape, ready for usage. We have years of expertise servicing the Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas and will complete the task!

River City Lawn & Landscaping provides a wide range of landscape cleaning services and is happy to fulfill all of your outdoor desires and aspirations. We offer everything from hardscaping and Landscaping to irrigation and excavation services. 

If you have any concerns regarding the services we provide or how we might fulfill your needs, please contact us.  Allow us to build a lovely outside environment for you and your family to enjoy. Call us now to learn more about how we can change your outdoor area!

River City Lawn & Landscaping is delighted to serve the communities of Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. 

If you’re ready to make your outdoor fantasies a reality, give us a call to set up a consultation! 

Our professional installation staff will work with you to create a feeling of harmony and elegance in your outdoor space, as well as select the best material for your home. 

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If you’re searching for trustworthy, dependable, and hardworking contractors for any form of landscaping and dirt works, River City Lawn & Landscaping team is here. We offer a large service area for all your dirt work and construction requirements. We serve Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas.


Allow our many years of knowledge and expertise to work for you. We go above and above to ensure that we perform our most good job for you at the most reasonable and fair pricing possible. We take exceptional care of our equipment, treat our employees with respect, and give them a rate that is above the industry norm for the work they accomplish.

We do this because we recognize that River City Lawn & Landscaping would not have achieved the level of success and excellence that it has without the assistance of our employees.


grass seeding

When it comes to grass seed for a new lawn, River City Lawn & Landscaping are your local specialists. Simply call the specialists for lawn seeding services in the spring, summer, and fall. We also provide expert lawn overseeding as part of our lawn management packages. Overseeding your property fills up barren places, resulting in thick, healthy turf that withstands foot traffic, preserves moisture, and looks beautiful!

Seeding of the Lawn

Remember that not all grass seeds are made equal when you’re ready to start a new lawn. First, we’ll assist you in selecting the best seed type for your climate, soil, and grass needs. Following that, we will prepare the land, disseminate the seed, and fertilize the soil following industry best practices. Before we go, we’ll give you instructions on when to water your new lawn.

Overseeding of Lawns

Overseeding fills in bare places and improves the overall density of your current lawn when applied to the entire yard. Overseeding is best done in the spring or autumn since the seed has time to establish itself in the soil and isn’t pressured by foot traffic, drought, or pests. Our grass overseeding services in the fall and spring complement our lawn aeration services. 

Lawn aeration and overseeding complement each other nicely because the holes created by aeration offer the seed a great place to sprout and thrive.


Hydro Seeding

By far, the most effective way of seeding a new grass is hydroseed. With improved erosion control, moisture retention, and fertilizer, a seeded hydro lawn germinates in 10 to 14 days and fills in within three months – even during the summer, when growing grass is tough! Hydroseeding treatments are most effective when paired with installing an irrigation system followed by River City Lawn & Landscaping lawn care.

Drill Seeding

Drill Seeding is an agricultural method that involves using a tractor and a specialized seeding attachment known as a drill. The drill employs a mechanical mechanism. The depth of the seed, as well as the velocity of application, may be controlled.



We are the region’s local supplier of high-quality sod! Everyone wants a lush, green lawn, but if you’re like the majority of people, you’re not sure how to get it. Our lawn is something that most of us have a love-hate relationship with. Most of the time, it falls short of your expectations, and you may feel helpless, especially after trying numerous items and companies that promised to help you, only to be disappointed.

We have a solution: our firm provides some of the greatest Sod services in the region, including installation, delivery, maintenance, and advice and suggestions to help you pick and care for your sod effectively.

River City Lawn & Landscaping provides Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas with high-quality sod and skilled installation services. We provide a free estimate on expert sod installation services to all our residential and commercial customers.


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rock work

River City Lawn & Landscaping design, installation, maintenance, and landscape rock work provide services for residential and commercial sectors. Landscape rock, often known as ornamental rock, may make a lovely addition to a lawn, garden, or landscape. We have landscape rock in various sizes, hues, and types. 

Rockwork does not have to be pricey or challenging to work with for any backyard project ever again. There is a fantastic new approach for obtaining the size, shape, and color of your landscape pebbles and stones to match your landscaping plan flawlessly.

Rockwork fill is an excellent way to adorn your garden since these large chunks of rock can never blow away in the wind or rain. They are a lovely touch that may be planted anywhere, particularly along paths and around flower beds. 

Landscaping rock border is the most fundamental of all landscaping concepts in which ornamental stones and landscaping rocks are employed. It can be built in the middle of a garden or around a flower bed. 

A landscaping rock border separates the plant placement and the grass yard. River City Lawn & Landscaping’s custom rock work can vary from the strategic placement of boulders to enhance the texture of the landscape to a dry streambed landscape feature. 

We are ready to help make your visions a reality, whatever the rock projects. Below is a list of everyday rock work we have detailed experience with:

  • Dry streambed landscape
  • Custom placed rock boulder accents
  • Basalt rock steps/stairs
  • Large rock slab steps
  • Zen rock garden
  • Birdbath shaped rock columns
  • Mock rock wall
  • Gravel pathways
  • River rock splash highlights

River City Lawn & Landscaping has extensive expertise in installing rock walls consistent with the surroundings and is a good solution for reducing erosion, drainage concerns, and sloping yards. An onsite consultation will be required to examine the area and decide the best option for your yard’s retaining wall.

If you’d like to receive a price for any unique rock work, simply fill out our online quote request form, and one of our Rock professionals will review your information and contact you as soon as possible to start your bespoke bid process. 

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River City Lawn & Landscaping in Bismarck, Mandan, Lincoln, and surrounding areas. Get in touch today for more details.



Proper tree planting and transplantation are sometimes overlooked. It can influence the development and lifetime of your trees if done wrong. We prefer to think of tree planting as planting the Right Tree. The correct location. The Correct Way.

Our local experienced tree experts can assist by assessing numerous critical elements, including local weather conditions, regional pests and diseases, soil conditions, and available space. 

At River City Lawn & Landscaping, we believe that every tree properly cared for contributes to making the world a better place. A healthy tree fosters a healthy environment, and our professional arborists are passionate about holistically nurturing trees while striving to reduce any safety issues.

Our dedication to plant health and client happiness has grown to make us a top option among tree service suppliers nationally. 

What does our strategy imply for you? That is to say:

Professional, on-time service tailored to your needs Free, no-obligation estimates with transparent pricing and no hidden costs are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective techniques

Our tree service is an excellent choice if you want tree services from a team that genuinely cares about you, your property, and the environment.

Services for Plant Health Care

Trees and bushes are essential components of our ecology. They filter the air, give shade and solitude, and help to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. We should care for our plants in the same way we care for ourselves to live a healthy existence.

Services for Tree Removal

There is a connection between caring for yourself and caring for your trees. Before removing your trees, we trim, prune, or boost their health. However, we understand that when a tree is beyond repair, we use industry best practices and high-quality equipment to provide the safest tree services possible.

Do you require tree care services? Get in touch with River City Lawn & Landscaping right away!

Healthy trees produce a healthy environment, which helps the entire community. For transparent pricing, on-time arrival, and professional expertise from experienced arborists, turn to the specialists in tree health care. 

Please contact us right away!

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