about us

Our objective at River City Lawn & Landscaping is to provide the best landscaping services at a reasonable cost without losing quality. We employ state-of-the-art technology to achieve excellent quality in our landscaping and maintenance projects.

River City Lawn & Landscaping has a record of providing imaginative, high-quality landscape design and upkeep. You deserve the finest in landscape design, construction, and maintenance.

We have achieved the distinction of being the industry leader in residential and commercial Landscaping.


We are a small business that values and cares for its customers. We have grown through word-of-mouth due to our ongoing efforts to provide remarkable service. Our passion and commitment to the task set us apart from our competition.


We believe in working as a team to accomplish the desired outcomes on time and within budget. Our coordination and teamwork are one of the reasons for our exceptional success in such a short period. We provide outstanding value and quality that exceeds expectations when working as a team.


We see creativity as one of the most crucial aspects of our business. The development of  beautiful landscapes requires creativity and imagination. Our experts can also serve you if you need assistance with planning and design.


We are pioneers in the landscaping industry, and known for transforming an ordinary yard into a fantastic landscape our customers enjoy.


We seek to understand your specific requests, tastes and wishes, and will build your landscape accordingly. We are here to make our customers’ landscapes and lawns beautiful with our team of certified and experienced landscapers.

We seek to offer a customer experience with exceptional quality and professional service.

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